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Torque shut-off precision also while supply air fluctuatesScreenshot (980)

The unique design of EISIN-EYP pulse tools, combining pulse unit and air shut-off mechanism, provides the most excellent accuracy of shut-off torque while supply air pressure fluctuates between 4 bar and 6 bar or more.

While generating a pulse, some amount of high pressure oil is going through the internal oil passage (tunnel) in the wall of the anvil and flows into the oil chamber through the check valve orifice. During a series of pulses, the accumulated volume of oil in the chamber keeps increasing and finally activates the shut-off piston.

When the supplied air pressure goes down, the rotation of the air motor slows down and simultaneously, the number of pulses being generated becomes lower, also. As a result it takes more time to build up enough fluid pressure to activate the shut-off piston which will transmid fluid force to the air shut-off valve by way of the signal pin located in the center of the rotor.