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Some words about us

Since start up in 1999, micromeasures’ products and services become global with complete line of power tools and torque measurement systems. We offer Torque Fastening & Measurement Solutions utilizing advanced Servo Electric Nut runners, Pneumatic Screwdrivers, Pulse tools, Pneumatic nutrunners, Torque Wrenches and Torque Measuring Instruments.


Whether it is engine assembly in a car plant or tower bolting in a wind turbine micromeasures offers you the complete assembly solution. Our tools and instruments are reliable and time tested. We move ahead with new products and technology, introduced in pace with the changing world.Our product development section has introduced many import substitutes for assembly tools and accessories.

Why we are different

  • InHouse Service and callibration facility
  • Expertise in product Selection
  • Innovative and latest technology products
  • Cost effective
  • Custom Design Facility
  • Contract bolting service